May 23, 2024

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Orange Awareness Martinique column

As the tropical storm Elsa approaches, heavy rains, thunderstorms, strong winds, waves and the Meteo-France Martinique have stopped at the orange alert level for submergence.

Tropical storm Elsa is expected to cross the southwestern Indian arch of St. Lucia by the end of next night.

According to Martinique, the weather and sea conditions will worsen from early morning on Friday, July 2, 2021.

A Intense rainfall of up to 50 mm per hour

Local violent winds blowing over 100 km / h

At Atlantic and heavy seas in canals, 4 m.

The following individual actions are recommended by the province:

Continue to let them know about the evolution of the event by following the weather forecast Our website, On radio or television or communication channels Meetio France

Find and ride with caution before embarking on a journey

Do not undertake any hikes or outdoor activities

Avoid sea voyages, swimming and water activities

Prepare to protect your property from damage by rising water, especially the sea

Avoid using telephones and electrical appliances during thunderstorms

Protect boats by giving them shelter or by pulling them out of the water

Check the mooring of machinery and materials at construction sites.

Behavioral counseling

Bathers, Divers, Fishermen and Walkers :

Avoid sea voyages, swimming and recreational water activities.
Beware of beaches: Beware of rollers and breaking waves!

Boats and Marine Professionals :

Protect boats by giving them shelter or by pulling them out of the water
If you have to be aboard, be especially careful when traveling and wear emergency equipment.
Be especially careful if you have to go out to sea.
At sea, take all precautionary measures to ensure your safety if you fall into the water

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Coastal people :

If you live at sea, be prepared to protect your belongings from being damaged by rising water or washed away by the waves. Watch the rising water.

When traveling by car, drive with caution, control your speed, and do not enter roads that are already swollen or flooded.