June 13, 2024

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Overturning St. Kitts: The numbers are growing

Overturning St. Kitts: The numbers are growing

Cross Antilles-Guyana mobilizes strongly to find those aboard a French-flagged fishing boat. boat Overturned overnight 12 nautical miles off St. Kitts. A Guadeloupe ship called Le Belle Michelle, less than 10 meters long, left Antigua with 32 people on board.

An illegal departure according to the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda. An emergency call was made by the regional rescue center in Martinique Sea from a sailing boat traveling in the area. By mid-afternoon, St. Kitts’ coastguard made a provisional report showing three dead and 16 survivors. 14 of them are from Cameroon. The other two are from Antigua.

Complex functions

The Cameroonians will be among the 600 African passengers who chartered to Antigua several months ago. They are blocked on the spot by complex administrative and economic situation.

According to the first elements made public by the Antiguan government, the ship was headed for the Virgin Islands.

According to the province of Martinique, the eastern research area is poorly served in terms of communications, which complicates operations.

Significant resources have been dispatched to the scene. A French naval tug, an SNSM launcher and a CROSS AG launcher are participating in the maneuvers. Two cruise ships and an oil tanker were also hijacked to provide aid.

Aviation assets are also being mobilized. Dragon 971 flew in the same area as a French customs plane and a Dutch plane.

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