April 23, 2024

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Papers torn by Trump at the center of the Capitol Inquiry

The Washington Post reports that the US Commission of Inquiry into the Capitol hurricane is in possession of documents that were torn while Donald Trump was at the White House. These documents come from the National Archives, which is responsible for keeping all of the president’s work documents after he leaves the White House.

“Among the presidential documents obtained from the National Archives were paper documents torn by former President Trump,” the agency confirmed in a statement to AFP. They said some of the papers were “re-taped” by White House Records executives. Others left it as it was.

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700 pages archives

According to the Washington Post, the National Archives was sent to Parliament as part of a more than 700 – page document that seeks to highlight Donald Trump’s responsibility for the January 6, 2021 attack on Congress. Asked. The commission, known as “January 6” by the AFP, declined to say what specific documents it had and were particularly ripped off.

But he announced in mid-January that he had already begun obtaining some documents “believed to be hidden by the former president”. The 700-page archive received lists of people who met the former US president or invited him on January 6, 2021, and notes taken during these exchanges.

At the same time, the parliamentary committee, which has a majority of elected Democrats, is trying to hear many relatives of the Republican billionaire. Some of them received saponins, while others like Ivanka, the daughter of Donald Trump, were simply asked to testify. The panel of elected officials wants the Republicans to regain control of the council before the midterm elections and release its results within a year of burying its work.

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