May 21, 2024

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Police are investigating a video of a couple licking ice cream in a grocery store

Police are investigating a video of a couple licking ice cream in a grocery store


licking ice cream

Cops investigate a disgusting couple…

The Lick & Dash Vid also goes viral

An important warning to all online scammers – licking ice cream back into the grocery store freezer can lead to serious consequences, as cops are now investigating a recent viral clip that shows just that.

A spokesperson for the Portsmouth, VA Police Department tells us a video was recently shared with a large number of angry people. Tekan Hines and his friend, AsiaAnd eat a quart of Blue Bunny ice cream and lick it.


The rep says cops are currently investigating the video to find out which store the incident may have taken place, adding, “So far no victim action has come forward within our jurisdiction.”

However, the consensus online is that Hines and Asia live in the Portsmouth area… as indicated on their social media profiles.

As we have been informed, the video – First posted and then deleted by Tequan – It exploded on social media, with many calling for the pair to be arrested and accused of a disgusting act.

Whether or not Tequan and Asia eventually paid for the ice cream is still unclear, but they clearly felt the heat online…deleting their original post.

BTW…if a couple gets into trouble, they won’t be the first.

again in 2020, D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson He pleaded guilty to criminal mischief by licking some Blue Bell ice cream and was sentenced to 30 days behind bars.

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

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