April 13, 2024

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Pope Francis was successful and “without complications”, according to his surgeon

Pope Francis was successful and “without complications”, according to his surgeon

Pope Francis is undergoing surgery on Wednesday. Who’s Naughty?

For the first time, the Vatican allowed the pope’s surgeon to describe his patient’s condition and the nature of the operation Wednesday. Audiences with the Pope have been canceled while he recovers.

This is the first. The surgeon who operated on 86-year-old Francis at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome on Wednesday evening, June 7, followed a three-hour operation the Vatican directly performed for an intestinal hernia. Therefore, Professor Sergio Alfieri was able to provide the press with details of the operation and elements of his excellent patient’s health, without any filter. According to his surgeon, the patient “I am fine”He is one “Knowledge” And “Caution” After the surgery “without problems” And who should ask “5 to 7 days” He is recovering in hospital.

“No other pathology”

Francis has “Well answered” Surgery and General Anesthesia, Dr. Said Sergio Alfieri, Director of the Department of Medical Sciences and Stomach and Endocrine Surgery at Gemelli. An official press release – issued on Wednesday morning – indicated that François was going to undergo a general anaesthetic. “Prosthesis” On top of that “Abdominal Wall” In order to correct the effects “Incisional hernia” with risks blockages» WHO “badly” cause “pain”.

Dr. Alfieri, who spoke at 7:30 p.m “The First Comedy” A slightly awake Pope: “When is the third?” Surgery indicating abdominal intervention of July 2021. In addition, the surgeon assured the Pope “No other diseases” And “No other pathology detected”. He also clarified that the Rev “There was never a problem with general anesthesia two years ago or today.”. But still “No one likes to sleep”He underlined the Pope’s statements saying that “Poorly unsupported” July 2021 Anesthesia.

And technically Sergio Alfieri explained that he invented it “Stubborn Adhesions”, while Jorge Mario Bergoglio was in Buenos Aires, due to scars from old operations, especially for peritonitis. These scars cause symptoms “Always and often hurts”. Surgery made it possible “Get rid of these adhesions and fix hernia syndrome” Through plastic surgery of the abdominal wall, using a “Artificial Web”. The Secretary of State and Cardinal Pietro Barolin, Numero Duma of the Holy See, indicated that he was not involved in the operation.No holiday“,”nor does it temporarily replace the Pope in the exercise of his functions“. After the operation, the activity of his ministry will resume.Even if it’s from a hospital bed“, he explained to reporters. “If there are urgent files, they will be brought to Gemelli Hospital.However, as a precaution, the Pope canceled all audiences until June 18.

“Infectious Bronchitis”

The pope left for the hospital after Francis’ regular public audience in front of hundreds of faithful to commemorate the 150th birthday of the relics of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. The pope gathered in front of the monument to announce the upcoming apostolic letter about the world-famous French saint. On March 29, the Pope was hospitalized “Infectious bronchitis“. However, he was hospitalized for ten days at the same institution in July 2021 for a major colon surgery in which he had 33 centimeters of bowel removed.

The Vatican is not particularly worried about this new intervention, as on Tuesday, Francis’ trip to Portugal from August 2 to 6 was confirmed. In addition, Wednesday morning’s holding of a general audience — which the pope took his time leading up to the conclusion — as well as an early morning meeting with a cardinal and another senior Muslim official, it noted. The move, which was taken on Tuesday following the scanner, did not have the full emergency character of July 2021, as in this case Francis would not have returned to the Vatican.

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