May 20, 2024

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Posé is LG's latest OLED TV

Posé is LG’s latest OLED TV

LG is catching up with Samsung in the land of “lifestyle” TV, adding a new model to the LG OLED Objet Collection launched last year. The new Posé is a slim design Samsung TV; The monitor comes in 42-inch, 48-inch and 55-inch sizes and is launched in the third quarter of 2022, starting in Europe.

Posé joins the 65-inch Easel who was Advertised at CES (then called Objet), it’s designed to look like an art easel and has a sliding fabric cover to hide the screen. Both can display artwork or photos when not in use.

But what is Lifestyle TV? Why is there a premium to TV looking good in our homes? “It looks nice when you’re in the middle of my living room” seems to be a major consideration when buying a TV just as it is when buying a sofa. Of course, this is along with other basic specifications; Bigger than my neighbor, better sound, excellent picture quality, and it doesn’t require me to take out a loan to pay for it. But instead, TV manufacturers have convinced us that the giant black rectangle in the middle of our house is the norm.

Whether you like the look of Posé or Easel, and I don’t wear either of them in my house, the popularity Samsung The Frame TV, which turns the black rectangle into a compelling-looking piece of art when not in use (and I’m already in my house), illustrates the desire for good design. But current options are either expensive or sacrifice some of the features you want in a TV.

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The stand is the lifestyle TV that you lean against the wall.
Photo: LG

While there aren’t any pricing on them yet, both of LG’s new lifestyle TVs feature the OLED evo technology used in the company’s premium models, so they’re likely to be pricey. company The 65-inch LG G2 Gallery Edition is $3,200over $2000 more than Samsung 65 inch The Frame, which chooses a cheaper screen than Samsung’s high-end models. The Frame also sacrifices features like local dimming, while you pay about a 30 percent premium for design-focused things, like flush-mounting and hiding all wires and connections.

The Posé is the smallest, and therefore the cheapest, of LG’s two new options. Free TV stands in your living room, like Serif TV. But it’s slimmer than Samsung’s option, which has a thicker bezel around it that can double as a shelf. Posé has LG’s Gallery mode for displaying artwork or photos on its self-lighting digital canvas, similar to The Frame’s photo viewing capabilities. It also has a file Effective cable management system. to reduce clutter. However, we’re assuming there’s a wire somewhere, not that LG has developed a wireless power option, as the press photo suggests.

LG shows two new arty TVs in Salon de tisotti During Milan Design Week, which hints at the target audience. But lifestyle TVs shouldn’t just be ambitious. TV manufacturing has always been a leader-following game, and there are hundreds of budget options that save a lot from what high-end brands do. But there are still only a few models that try to fit into your home like a piece of furniture or art and not just ugly black rectangles. It’s 2022, which is the time for all TV manufacturers to step up and give us better-looking, more affordable options for the biggest screen in our homes.