May 27, 2024

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Pyongyang threatens UN with two Koreas on brink of nuclear war

Pyongyang threatens UN with two Koreas on brink of nuclear war

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s representative to the UN, said on Tuesday that the Korean peninsula was “on the brink of nuclear war”. Kim Jong-un said it would follow the “irresponsible actions” of the United States.

A very alarming warning. Pyongyang’s ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, made a groundbreaking announcement during a speech to the General Assembly on Tuesday, September 26. Kim Jong-un said that the Korean Peninsula would be on the brink of a nuclear war because of America’s reckless actions.

The “irresponsible” actions of the United States and its allies in terms of nuclear conflict and “continued hysteria […] “Leading the Korean Peninsula to a military situation on the brink of nuclear war,” Kim Jong-un warned.

He attacked Washington’s policy and condemned the “dangerous present situation, which is the work of the United States, which seeks to overestimate its power in every way to achieve its hegemonic ambition.”

For North Korea’s representative, “the front forces of the ‘Republic of Korea’ (South Korea) are also responsible for trying to impose the scourge of nuclear war against our nation.”

The North Korean diplomat concluded his speech by accusing Seoul of being “obsessed with voluntary submission to the United States and in fratricidal conflict.”

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