Friday, July 19, 2024

Qatar has announced that an agreement has been reached to extend the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip by two days.


The cessation of hostilities will continue. “Qatar Announces Agreement Reached to Extend Gaza Ceasefire for Two More Days”A spokesman for the Quater Foreign Ministry announced. On that day, Monday, November 27. In the process, Hamas ensured that the ceasefire would be extended.

Later in the afternoon, Hamas announced that it was preparing a new list of hostages “Extend the ceasefire”. A spokesman for the Israeli government also announced that Hamas would offer a “desire” In this direction. The ceasefire, which began on Friday, was due to expire at 7 am local time on Tuesday. Follow our live stream.

Nearly 40 hostages were freed in three days. The agreement between Israel and Hamas allowed for the release of hostages, prisoners and emergency aid in the Gaza Strip. Since Friday, 39 hostages have been freed under the deal — 24 outside the deal, the majority Thais working in Israel — as well as 117 Palestinian prisoners, a ratio of three prisoners per hostage.

• Hamas in favor of extension. The Palestinian Armed Islamic Movement said in a statement “Try to extend the ceasefire beyond its four days”. The agreement, until now, was renewed every day, ten hostages were released in exchange for about thirty prisoners.

• Benjamin Netanyahu in Gaza. The Israeli leader made the call on Sunday “Success”, During a visit to Gaza. It was the first visit by the Israeli government to the territory since it unilaterally withdrew from the Palestinian territories in 2005. The Israeli leader will ask the government for a budget on Monday “War” 30 billion shekels (7.3 billion euros).

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• Reception of former Palestinian prisoners in the occupied West Bank. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) buses took freed prisoners to Ramallah and Beituniya, greeted by people waving Palestinian, Hamas and other sectarian flags.

A more “dangerous” humanitarian situation. Since Friday, 248 trucks loaded with aid have been able to enter the Gaza Strip. But still “We need to send 200 trucks a day for at least two months to meet the demand”, announced Adnan Abo Hasna, spokesman for the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA). No “No food or water” In some fields.

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