May 26, 2024

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Qatar is in talks with the Taliban to reopen Kabul airport

Kabul airport a few days later, it is very important to take the necessary medical and humanitarian support to the country The departure of the last American troops and the end of the Twenty Years’ War. Qatar said on Thursday, September 2 that it would work with the Taliban to reopen the site. “We are optimistic about the possibility of managing operations quickly.”The head of Qatari diplomacy, Mohammed bin Abderrahmane Al Thani, made the announcement during a press conference in Doha.“No agreement” This issue is not over yet.

“We are still in the evaluation stage. There is no clear indication as to when it will be fully operational, but we are working hard.”The Qatari minister said he had close ties to the Islamist Taliban movement that seized power in Kabul on August 15.

Le Qatar, It sent the Boeing C-17A Globemaster to Kabul on Wednesday, Is currently at the center of the international community’s attention for its ability to interact with Kabul’s new masters. This rich Gulf country acted as a mediator in the peace process between the Afghan government and the Taliban before the Islamists seized power.

“It is very important for the Taliban to prove their commitment to providing a safe path [pour sortir du pays] Freedom for the People of Afghanistan “ He continued that the discussions included Turkey. “If technical assistance can be provided at this stage”. “We hope to get good news in the coming days”, The minister said.

Kabul Airport: Ankara “evaluates” proposals

In June, Turkey applied to protect Kabul airport, negotiating with Washington for that purpose, but the city was still before it could be taken over by the Taliban. “There are requests for cooperation from us to reopen from the Taliban and some countries [de l’aéroport]. We evaluate them all. “Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a news conference in Ankara on Thursday. “But the most important thing is to ensure the security of the airport.”, He added.

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According to Kaushoklu, the Taliban have so far insisted on taking responsibility for the site’s security. “But it must be guaranteed to give the international community confidence.”, He insisted. The minister considered handing over the task to private companies, without going through the forces “Army or Police of a State”. “There are companies that specialize in this field in which we and other countries work.”, Mr. Kaushoklu said.

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Restarting money transfers

The US company that specializes in Western Union money transfer announced its resumption of operations in Afghanistan on Thursday. They were suspended on August 18 after being captured by the Taliban. “Western Union is pleased to announce the resumption of money transfer services to Afghanistan. From September 2, our customers will be able to send money back and support their loved ones.”, The spokesman said in a statement. This money sent by family members living abroad is important to Afghanistan.

According to the World Bank, they are estimated to be worth $ 789 million (or 5 665 million) by 2020, or 19.8 billion or almost 4% of gross domestic product (GDP) in the same year.

Last week, Washington announced it would suspend aid to the country during an investigation “Ways to be assertive (…) Continue to support the people of Afghanistan. “. The other major institution, the International Monetary Fund, announced on August 18 that it would suspend its own aid to Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country.

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Waiting for the first government, the demonstration of women

Taliban, September 1, 2021, on the streets of Kabul.

The Taliban may announce the formation of their new government after Friday prayers. In an interview with the BBC On Wednesday, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stankzai, deputy head of the Taliban office in Qatar, said. “There may be a stock” In this government, but he “Impossible” Whether they are appointed as ministers or in positions of responsibility.

In Herat, the cosmopolitan capital of western Afghanistan, about fifty women took to the streets on Thursday to demand the right to their work and the participation of women in the new administration. “Education, employment and security are our rightThe protesters sang in unison. We are not afraid, we are united. “

“Negotiations are underway to form a government, but they are not talking about women’s participation, Basira Taheri, one of the organizers of the event, lamented. The Taliban should consult with us. We will continue our demonstrations, they started in Herat and they will soon expand to other provinces. “

The general expression of this kind of discontent is new to the Taliban, who ruthlessly suppressed any dissent during the previous regime. It shows that they need to adapt to the Afghan society that has become more liberal and more open to the outside world in twenty years.

For weeks, the Taliban tried to present a more moderate and transparent face, ensuring that women’s rights were respected. In particular, they announced that they could study at university, but in single-sex classes, recently recruiting female health workers. But, for now, these statements are struggling to convince.

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