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Rajwinder Singh of Punjab killed Australian woman because her dog barked at him: The Tribune India


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Chandigarh 26th November

Investigators said Rajwinder Singh, of Punjab origin, killed 24-year-old Toya Cordingley because her dog barked at him in 2018.

After his arrest on Friday, 38-year-old Rajwinder told Delhi police that he went to Wangetti beach in Queensland after a fight with his wife. During the investigation, he told the Delhi Police that he was carrying some fruits and a kitchen knife.

Cordingly, a pharmacy worker, was walking her dog on the beach. When Cordingly’s dog started barking at Rajwinder, the two argued. Police said this led to India attacking and Cordingley’s alleged killing.

Then he buried the body in the sand and tied the dog to a tree.

Rajwinder Singh fled Australia two days later, leaving behind his job, wife and three children.

Rajwinder Singh is from Puttar Kalan, Punjab, who has been on the run since the day of the killing in 2018. He was arrested by Delhi Police on Friday.

It carried a bounty of ₹5.4 crore

Rajwinder Singh allegedly killed Toya Cordingley in Queensland in October 2018

A nurse in Innisfail, he left town after the crime, leaving his wife and three children behind

A reward of A$1 million (over Rs 5.4 crore) has been announced for his arrest

Interpol had issued a red corner notice against Rajwinder, originally from Putar Kalan village, Amritsar

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