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Rapper PnB Rock was killed in a robbery in South Los Angeles


PnB Rock, the Philadelphia rapper known for his melody and songs like “Fleek” and “Selfish,” was killed Monday afternoon in what police said was a burglary that occurred after the artist was tagged on social media at a South Los Angeles restaurant. angeles.

The rapper was brutally attacked by someone who apparently came, or we believe to have come to the site after posting on social media the artist and the woman accompanying him, and posted on Instagram a photo of the meal, chief Michel Moore of Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday in comments to Domestic reporters posted online.

Chief Moore said Mr. Allen was “enjoying a simple meal” with the woman and that the site was flagged in the post.

He said the attacker entered the location, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle House in South Los Angeles, and a struggle ensued. “PnB Rock was shot dead” because of the valuables he had with him, he said.

He said an investigation was underway.

PnB Rock was Rakim Allen’s stage name. Atlantic Records called his death a “meaningless loss”.

The company said in a Post on Instagram Tuesday. “For many, Rakim Allen has been a wonderful friend. He has also been a wonderful father to two young girls.”

A Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman said early Tuesday that the shooting occurred at 1:15 p.m. Monday at the restaurant.

The spokeswoman said a suspected man entered the restaurant and claimed the property of the 30-year-old victim. Police did not immediately identify the victim by name, but news outlets He did so quickly, and the police chief then confirmed that he was a rapper. The suspect fled after the shooting, and the artist was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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A number of burglaries and thefts targeting actors, musicians and athletes have occurred in recent years. It was Bashar Jackson, who played Pop Smoke Killed in a home invasion in early 2020. Fans noted that the day before his shooting, he posted photos on Instagram showing a pile of cash and a gift bag label with his Los Angeles address.

A little over a week before PnB Rock was murdered, he talked about being targeted in Los Angeles and recalled a situation where he was stalked. He said, “Where am I from, we love deceitful criminals” In a YouTube interview with DJ Akademiks. “In Los Angeles, it feels like they’re daring.”

PnB Rock was part of the wave of rappers whose popularity and unique sound was built in part on their ability to easily switch between singing and rapping.

“It’s like how you label yourself, when you’re still infusing rap” into your songs, Tell Paper Magazine in 2017. “People can’t say I’m a rapper, but I don’t feel like a singer either. I don’t get very high pitches and I go crazy. I can’t sing to you Chris Brown. I just got good tunes.”

He said that Drake inspired him to start a career in music and that at the age of 19, while serving a sentence in prison for what he described as “stealing, stealing, digging,” he acquired a keyboard.

“I’ve never heard anyone sing and rap and make it smooth for girls,” he said of Drake. “If I had a choice to make only one kind of music, it would be some melody songs.”

PnB Rock’s career started to go up in 2015 with his song Closest to perfection. “Then he came”selfishness,which peaked at number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 . chart.

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He has collaborated with some of hip-hop’s most popular acts, including Lil Baby, City Girls, and XXXTentacion.

One of his biggest successes, “dangerous,” Collaborating with Meek Mill and Jeremih, it reached number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 in late 2018. The following summer, PnB Rock appeared on Ed Sheeran’s “cross me” Along with Chance the Rapper. That song remained on the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks, peaking at number 25.

The rapper released his last song, “love me again” On 2 September.

In a recent YouTube interview, PnB Rock said that while it was common for rappers to be robbed, “I’ve never been robbed. Never in my life. I’ll never say never, because I don’t like to say never.”

The rapper said he was not superstitious but deliberately kept a low profile while in Los Angeles. “Since my brother was killed, like my older brother, I have been moving differently since then,” he said, adding that he was on the alert.

“I’ve seen people die,” he said. “Anyone can die.”