Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson says he’s “loving” the new offense under Todd Monken


“New offense. I had to get that out of the way before the season even started,” Jackson said, indicating that he plans to be present for the rest of practice. Because the season is approaching. Although we only have two months left, but it’s still there. I just wanted to learn the new attack and deal with my comrades. “

The Ravens plan to move toward a more passable offense in 2023 after a ground first approach under longtime Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman. Baltimore added receivers Odell Beckham Jr. And she chose a flower uniform in the first round to enhance her passing attack.

“Just being able to throw the ball up the field,” Jackson said of the changes in offense he’s noticed so far. “…a run can only take you so far. I feel like with this new era of teams and offense in the league, I feel like we need that, and Coach Todd Monken, what I’m seeing in this offense so far, it’s amazing.”

In his first five seasons, Jackson rushed for 4,437 yards, including two rushing carries of over 1,000 yards. There’s no denying that his dynamic ability to stumble for power gain shouldn’t completely cancel out an attack – it gives defenses nightmares. But Jackson has indicated that he expects less determined QB runs.

“Sure. Especially with our receivers…they look really good,” he said.

Jackson added that he also expects more freedom to adapt on the line than in previous seasons.

With Jackson’s contract in the rearview, new shooting power added to the passing game and a new posting system, the offense should speed up Baltimore this season. Having Jackson cast during voluntary OTAs will help smooth out the September exit.