March 31, 2023

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Rescue workers say a U.S. military plane has gone missing in Norway

The aircraft was on a training mission as part of NATO’s Gold Response exercise, which included 200 aircraft and 50 ships.

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The plane was involved in a NATO maneuver in Norway. On Friday, March 18, Scandinavian emergency services announced that a U.S. military plane with four crew members was missing.

“US military plane, US OSPREY, reported missing at 6:26 pm south of Bodo”The Northern Norwegian Rescue Services (HRS) said in a report that the weather in the area was bad.

“At 9.17pm, discoveries were made from the air (in the missing area) in Bournemouth’s Craddalen. Due to the weather, we were unable to land at that location.”The report further states that help is forthcoming. “We’m not on site, so we do not know anything about the four people on board. But we know it was an accident site.”A spokesman for the emergency services told NRK Public Television.

The aircraft was on a training mission as part of the Exercise Gold Response, which included 200 aircraft and about 50 ships. The purpose of this exercise is to test Norway’s ability to obtain external reinforcements in the event of a third country occupation under Article 5 of the Atlantic Coalition Charter.

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