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Residence applications, naturalizations … What are the consequences of migrating to France in 2021?

Louis de Ragunel
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3:28 pm, January 21, 2022

Provisional figures for immigration to France for 2021 were released on Thursday by the Interior Ministry. Bad results for Emmanuel Macron, who is aware that the argument of the health crisis is weak, and plans to issue new announcements in mid-February.

The Interior Ministry on Thursday released the provisional results of the government’s relocation policy for 2021. Emmanuel Macron
Itself. If no minister has spoken on the matter at present, we know that last year 52,000 migrants tried to cross the channel and naturalization (+94,000) increased by +50% in one year, among other things. A different result, even worse.

Afghan crisis, Brexit …

In detail, the Home Ministry has identified 104,000 asylum applications in 2021, especially due to the Afghan crisis. An increase of 28.3% compared to 2020, which saw a decline due to Govt-19.

Then, we see the same figures as in 2019 for the first residence permit issued to foreigners, and it was considered “bad” within the government. By 2021, more than 270,000 first residence permits will be issued, equivalent to the population of the city of Strasbourg. But the important thing is that the Home Ministry emphasizes the effect Brexit
, Resulting in the issuance of 96,000 residence permits to British citizens. For their part, with 94,000 acquisitions, naturalization has increased by more than 50%.

Macron’s new announcements about immigration

Finally, deportations by foreigners have increased by 8.2%, but they only represent the 17,000 deportations actually carried out, or very few, i.e. half of the 2019 deportations already considered bad.

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These results were so bad for Emmanuel Macron that Kovid knew the argument was fragile. For this reason, he plans to make new announcements about immigration before mid-February and before he enters the campaign.