May 26, 2024

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Rockstar shuts down social media comments as GTA VI leak spreads

Rockstar shuts down social media comments as GTA VI leak spreads

Artwork shows three masked men running outside a bank carrying SMGs.

Grand Theft Auto V artistic work
picture: rock games

In the days following this week particle Grand Theft Auto VI LeaksInvestigations revealed more information about the party behind the hack. Instead of one individual, it appears that at least two people – possibly linked to a larger hacking group – were behind the massive weekend event. pierces. And while Rockstar Games is shutting down its social media accounts to fight the spread of leaked content, it is now possible that the hackers will be investigated by the FBI.

On September 18 in the GTA Forums, a user appeared and dropped over 90 videos showing early development footage of the next video grand theft auto The game, it’s meant to be GTA VI. The footage contains early looks at the game’s setup for Vice City, plus police chases, shootings, and what appear to be two main characters. In the days following the leak, Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, attempted to remove the leaked material from the web. Rockstar released a statement on September 19, stating that the catastrophic leak was the result of a hacker who “illegally” gained access to the studio’s network.

Now we know that a file GTA VI The hacker wasn’t one person, but maybe at least two different people. in New post on GTA ForumsSite staff shared the results of their investigation into the leaker, explaining that based on posting behavior and IP address data, they believed at least two people were sharing the GTA Forums account, “TeaPotUberHacker,” which posted the leaked data.

According to the staff update, they don’t believe the account was stolen, but instead shared between hackers, known as “Teapot” and “Lily”. GTA Forums staff notes that Lily has been active on Telegram but does not believe that Lily “currently owns any of the hacked material they claim to keep,” and cautions against interacting with her.

transportation app company Uber, which was also hacked recentlyAnd the issued a “security update” Earlier this week, a hacker group called Lapsus$ was blamed. It alleged that $Lapsus this year also violated “Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta, among others,” and is now also behind GTA VI a leak. Uber says it is working with the FBI and the US Department of Justice to assist in the investigation. At the moment, it is unknown if Rockstar is also working with the FBI.

In the meantime, while the leaked footage and screenshots continue to spread around the web, Rockstar has seemingly taken action by locking down its social media accounts. If you look at its latest tweet And the Instagram postsYou will notice that they are closed to comments and replies. This is presumably an attempt by Rockstar to slow the spread of the leaks, as some fans will likely use the responses below. GTA Online-Relevant Tweets to share content from the leak.

Kotaku I reached out to Rockstar for comment on the investigation and the newly closed social media accounts.

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