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Round Up: Comments on the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series


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Klonoa fantasy fantasy series on the Nintendo Switch this week, and reviews are pouring in now.

This 2-in-1 remaster set contains classic platforms Klonoa: The Door to Illusion And the Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s VeilThere is also a demo now available for download from the Switch eShop.

Our Nintendo Life review will start in the coming days, so now here’s what some of the other outlets have to say about Klonoa’s return!

To start, the sister site push the box The PlayStation 5 – 7/10 gave the acknowledgment that it might do more for players who tried these games during primetime:

Phantasy Reverie Series is a relatively no-frills emoticon. There are some quality-of-life improvements and the games feature a new lick of HD paint, but if you didn’t like Klonoa back in the day, you’re not going to like it now. If you didn’t play Klonoa at it time, you won’t have the nostalgic glasses needed to look at these games and see them for anything more than they are – a couple of good platformers and a little more, and that’s okay.”

pocket tactics She found Klonoa’s comeback to be a “cool platformer” and believes the platform divisions can still hold out against the likes of Mario and Crash Bandicoot:

“All in all, the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series is a great platformer, and I am glad to know that many more people can try these beloved games. Who knows, maybe this will lead to more professionals. For now, I encourage everyone to try this game, The joy it exudes is contagious, and the platformer slides rival those of Mario and Crash, while also succeeding in reminding us that it stands on its own, and that Clonoa has its own identity.”

Fan Boy Attack Bandai Namco’s latest release has given 4/5 stars – current fans are advised to treat themselves to the new releases:

“If you grew up playing Klonoa or even had a distant interest in the franchise in the past, you need to do yourself a favor and treat yourself to these titles. Now you can own two of the greatest old platform titles without having to pay hundreds of dollars making this an easy sale for those Who love the franchise.If you’ve been looking for a platformer game love that wears its heart on its cover, you’ll be happy to know that these titles still hold up very well, even if they don’t feel as polished as some of the newer games in the genre.If you’re willing to tackle With some frustrations with the outdated design, you may find yourself rambling on the beloved Dream Warrior, No Questions Asked.”

in more than players Awarded this “much needed mod” 7.5/10 – here’s the translation:

“The Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series is a good opportunity to play again with our childhood characters. It’s a much needed symbolic game but could have had better things for this generation.”

How was your experience with Klonoa so far? Did you get the full game, or have you only tried the demo at this point? Leave a comment below.

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