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Rumor has it that the classic SoulCalibur games are being improved


Photo: via YouTube (@SuperMetalDave64) / Bandai Namco

Lecturers are all the rage nowadays, so what could be then? Well, recent rumors of the rounds suggest that Bandai Namco may be working on a Soul Calibur collection.

This information is from journalist Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker at the end of the day Xbox Era podcast. Baker notes how his source material didn’t really make it clear if it was a remaster of the first game in the long-running fighting series or an entire collection of previous entries:

“We all love remasters right, everyone loves a good remaster…so that’s what I heard Namco might be looking at… [unclear] Whether we’re just getting the original SoulCalibur remastered, or if they’re doing a remastered batch of games…”

If it’s a collection, it would presumably include SoulCalibur II – originally released on the GameCube and several other platforms in 2003 (and featuring the GameCube-exclusive Zelda fighter Link). While only the Xbox version was mentioned when discussing these rumors, Bandai Namco tends to port fighting games to as many platforms as possible nowadays.

Interestingly, this rumor comes after Bandai Namco rebranded SoulCalibur in October last year. While brand renewals aren’t very often revealed, a handful of Bandai Namco’s Transformers have been revealed this way recently.

This includes Klonoa and Pac-Man, the latest of which is the GameCube exclusive Batten Kaitos, which was rebranded in May 2021 and is now getting a remaster of the first two games later this year.

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