June 26, 2024

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Russell Crowe's exorcist group labeled Pope 'unreliable patches' by Vatican exorcist group

Russell Crowe’s exorcist group labeled Pope ‘unreliable patches’ by Vatican exorcist group

Latest Russell Crowe movies Exorcist Pope It was condemned by the International Association of Exorcists.

In the trailer released last month, Sony Pictures claims it’s “inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, chief exorcist at the Vatican.”

“There’s actually a real job called Chief Exorcist in the Vatican,” Crowe explains in the film’s production notes. “Father Gabriel Amorth was a real man who held this office for 36 years, and participated in tens of thousands of exorcisms.”

However, in a statement released last month, the foundation, which Amworth himself founded in 1990, called the film “unreliable… sparse cinema,” per Watchman.

She claimed that the film’s plot, which includes a plot against the Vatican, raises “unacceptable doubts” about who is the “real enemy, Satan or ecclesiastical power”.

Amorth was president of the

“The end result is the solidification of the conviction that exorcism is an unnatural, monstrous and frightening phenomenon, whose only hero is Satan, whose violent reactions can be met with great difficulty,” the institute continued.

Russell Crowe in The Pope’s Exorcist

(Jonathan Hesson/Sony Pictures)

“This is the opposite of what happens in the context of an exorcism that is celebrated in the Catholic Church in obedience to the directives given by it.”

The group has stipulated that its statement was issued in response to the trailer and that it will comment further once the full feature is released globally on Good Friday (April 7), however, a second statement has yet to be released.

The Independent I contacted the Expert Foundation for comment.

Producer Michael Patrick Kaczmarek has picked up the rights to Amworth’s memoir. An exorcist tells his story And The Exorcist: More Stories – before the priest’s death.

“I managed to convince [Amorth] “If he takes the opportunity to work with me, I will try to make sure that Catholicism is preserved in the film – and that he will be respected as a person along with the Church and his religious system,” said Kaczmarek.

“My fellow producers and I have always pitched this as the James Bond of The Exorcists…the sky was the limit in terms of the number of stories we could tell.”

Exorcist Pope In cinemas now.