June 13, 2024

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Russia begins massive military recruitment campaign

Russia begins massive military recruitment campaign

Russia begins massive military recruitment campaign

For several days, on the streets or in social networks, it was impossible to escape advertisements encouraging Russians of fighting age to join the army to fight in Ukraine. The goal: to replenish depleted ranks as Kiev says it is preparing its broad counteroffensive, rather than resorting to new forced mobilization, an unpopular move the Kremlin took in September after several setbacks.

To avoid public opinion, the government has launched its biggest advertising campaign for volunteer military recruitment since it launched its offensive against Ukraine in February 2022. “Honorable profession and decent salary”.

In the posters, there is no war scene, and the conflict in Ukraine is far away. “Our Mission: Protecting the Nation”, boasts a poster showing three players under a big blue sky. A video that has gone viral on social media shows a taxi driver, a security guard and a fitness trainer engrossed in their dull daily lives. “Is this really the path you wanted to take?” », asks the video. In the end, the three men exhaust themselves and complete themselves by choosing an assault rifle. A slogan appears: “You are a man. Let it be. »

Officials have not announced quantified targets, but some Russian media believe the military is recruiting several hundred thousand men by offering contracts on particularly attractive terms. On the website of the Moscow municipality, the promised salary for a person hired in the work area in Ukraine is 204,000 rubles (2,260 euros at the current rate), or ten times the minimum wage. A daily bonus of 8,000 rubles will be given to those participating in an offensive operation and 50,000 rubles for every kilometer captured within an assault platoon, which is most exposed to enemy fire.

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In Moscow, elderly parents of employees are provided with home care, and mothers are offered free places in nurseries. Even in the event of death, the recruits are assured that their families can be sheltered with compensation of several million roubles.