May 26, 2024

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Russia concludes peace talks with Japan

Russia concludes peace talks with Japan

Russia on Tuesday abandoned talks on a peace agreement to officially end the conflict against Japan after World War II. Moscow’s announcement follows Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s tour of India and Cambodia, urging his speakers to speak out against Russia. This comes before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky’s intervention in the Japanese parliament.

Moscow is interfering in discussions of planned economic plans for the four southern Kuril Islands, which are controlled by Russia, but claimed by Japan, which calls them “northern territories.” “Under the current circumstances, Russia has no intention of continuing negotiations on a peace agreement with Japan.”The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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“The current situation arises entirely from the Russian occupation of Ukraine. Attempts to shift responsibility for this issue to Japan-Russia relations are unnecessary and completely unacceptable.”Mr. Kishida reacted.

Russia’s actions have been expected since Japan announced sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine. Moscow promised a strong response.James Brown, an expert in Russia at Temple University in Tokyo, explains.

Cautionary reviews

Following in the footsteps of the United States and Europe, Japan immediately annexed Russia, removed the trade clause of its most preferred nation, and froze the assets of dozens of individuals, including President Vladimir Putin, the Russians. Mr Kishida described the invasion of Ukraine “Barbaric”.

From March 19 to 21, he visited Japanese Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Cambodian, Hun Sen, while India, an association of Southeast Asian nations – such as ASEAN, led by Cambodia this year – has been wary of criticizing Russia. . Narendra Modi and Han Sen agreed “Share Their Concerns” With Japan The final statements about Ukraine, however, did not mention Russia. “Tokyo’s activity, especially in New Delhi, may make Moscow anxious”, Professor Brown mentions.

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Russia-Japan talks have been abandoned and military action around the archipelago has intensified since the adoption of sanctions. On March 2, a Russian helicopter made a brief incursion into Japanese airspace, forcing Japanese fighters to intervene. Several warships, including submarines and destroyers, crossed the Strait of Suruga between Hokkaido (north) and the Japanese main island of Honshu. Some traveled to Cape Soy, north of Hokkaido.

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