May 29, 2024

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Russia fires anti-ship missiles into Black Sea in military exercise

Russia fires anti-ship missiles into Black Sea in military exercise

Cover Image: A Russian missile cruiser during a military exercise off the port of Crimea in February 2022. Manual / AFP

  • Russia launches anti-ship missiles in Black Sea during military exercises According to Moscow, the Russian navy was targeted “Inside a target boat (…) Northwestern part of the Black Sea ». Russia now considers ships bound for Ukraine in the Black Sea “Possible Military Boats”.
  • According to a White House counsel, Moscow “It can expand its reach (…) Includes attacks on civilian boats” After that “Blaming Ukraine for these attacks”. The charges were based on elements of now-classified intelligence, he said.
  • L’UkraineFor its part, it now calls for establishment “Military Patrol” Naval operations under the UN mandate, among others, with the participation of Turkey. Kyiv rejects any negotiations with Moscow, and It needs hundreds of additional armored vehicles and US F-16 fighter jets from its Western allies to reclaim their territory.
  • Ukraine has begun using controversial US-supplied cluster munitions, the White House says.. Asked whether Washington’s cluster munitions were now being used at Q, White House spokesman John Kirby responded: “Oi. » Ukrainian forces “Use them in the right way. They use them effectively and they really have an impact on Russian defense systems and defense maneuvers. From Moscow, the spokesman told reporters.
  • Vladimir Putin has decided not to attend the BRICS summit in South Africa “to compromise” This show, according to a South African diplomat. As a member of the ICC, South Africa should theoretically arrest Mr Putin if he enters its territory.
  • A twenty-year prison sentence has been sought against Alexei Navalny, an already imprisoned Russian adversary.A month of behind-closed-doors trials in a new trial for extremism has highlighted a climate of repression in Russia amid the conflict in Ukraine.
  • France can grant refugee status to Russian military deserters, Car “A Russian national invited to be part of this mobilization is likely to commit war crimes directly or indirectly.”The National Court of Asylum said.
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