Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Russia launches attack on Azovstal factory in Mariupol


It has long been reported that the Russian army and pro-Russian forces have begun an offensive against the vast Azovstel steelworks covering the last eleven square kilometers held by the Ukrainian army in Mariupol.

“A powerful offensive is underway in the territory of Azovstalin with the help of boats and numerous infantry units, backed by attempts to land armored vehicles, tanks and troops.”Svyatoslav Palmer, deputy commander of the Azov Brigade, said in a telegram.

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“Let’s do everything we can to push him back”He called, more, more “Immediate action to evacuate civilians” Mariupolin, a strategic port already in the Russian-controlled southern Donbass, is still attached to Ukrainian fighters at this huge metallurgical base. He added that heavy shelling had taken place the night before the attack and that two women had been killed and wounded. “About ten civilians”.

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Call to evacuate the public

On the Russian side, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Vadim Astafiev announced earlier on Tuesday. “The Russian army and sections of the Donetsk People’s Republic are beginning to destroy using artillery and aircraft. [les] Shooting Stages Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal.

In a statement taken by Russian agencies, Mr. Astafiev accused Azov of having a regiment “Used” Ceasefire – Announced for evacuation of civilians – Exit from steel bases and “Taking shooting positions in the region and factory buildings”.

One hundred civilians evacuated this weekend from the Azovstel steel plant came to Saboria, 230 kilometers northwest of Mariupol, where they were welcomed by representatives of the organization, thanks to a move backed by the United Nations (UN).

For his part, Emmanuel Macron called on Vladimir Putin “Allow exits to continue” Elysee made the announcement after a two-hour, ten-hour phone call between the two leaders of the metallurgy campus. This must be done “Co-ordinate with humanitarian activists and abandon target selection for expatriates in accordance with international humanitarian law”Referred to the French President.

Le Monde with AP, AFP and Reuters

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