May 23, 2024

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Russia uses agricultural weapons and suspends fertilizer exports.

According to a Reuters report, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on Friday “suspended the export of national fertilizer producers in view of the geopolitical situation and its consequences.”

“In view of the current situation with foreign logistics operators and the risks associated with it, the Ministry should recommend to Russian manufacturers to suspend foreign exports of Russian fertilizers, until the transporters resume work and guarantee that Russian fertilizer exports will be fully insured,” a statement said.

It should also be noted that Russia is the main exporter of P and K fertilizers: it provides 17% of the phosphate fertilizer market.

Potash, Russia and Belarus account for 42% of global exports.

For example, Latin America has a bigger problem because Brazil buys almost 60% of Russia’s nitrogen fertilizer quantities. There is the question of the forthcoming maize cultivation and there is a risk of supply disruption.

We can better see famine or starvation, especially for the underprivileged, because when the rich lose weight, the lean die.

These global economic sanctions and disruptions to agricultural input supply chains will have a significant impact on crops and therefore on animal and human food.

We do anything.

Charles Sunnat

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