June 24, 2024

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Russia: What will happen if Vladimir Putin dies?

Russia: What will happen if Vladimir Putin dies?

Is Vladimir Putin nearing an end? For weeks, speculations about the Russian leader’s health were rife, raising questions about his successor. What is the future of Russia and the world if the Kremlin master dies in the future?

Rumors of Vladimir Putin’s health are spreading at an astounding rate in Russia and elsewhere. Cancer, Parkinson’s diseaseபல Many hypotheses feeding into social networks due to his recent physical changes. Poor health that played a part in his decision to invade Ukraine on February 24.

In the country of the Tsars, under the dictatorial political regime centered on its president, the death of the 69-year-old head of state will have many consequences. First to Russia, but then to all other countries, especially if it comes in the next few weeks.

Off Invasion of Ukraine At The economic isolation of the countryThrough alliances with Other world powersVladimir Putin will leave the burning issues and its administration will naturally fall to his successor.

Interim Prime Minister

“I do not want to answer questions like this,” the Russian leader said of his potential successor. For good reason, if he kept his instructions fully, Vladimir Putin should be in power until at least 2036, thank you Recently passed law Allowed him to serve twice more. After this date, a scene that can be repeated again and again. On the other hand, if he dies suddenly, the Russian Constitution will take over later.

According to the texts, if Vladimir Putin is temporarily or permanently barred from leading his country, the Prime Minister will grant interim rule under Article 92 of the Russian Constitution. It is time to arrange elections to elect a new head of state for a period of his suspension, if temporary, and for a maximum of three months in the event of death.

A great option emerges

In both cases, the incumbent Prime Minister, Michael Mycoste, will succeed Vladimir Putin. The truth is that despite his good reputation among the Russian people, he did not have to be the appointed heir to the Kremlin. Anyway, this is it Anna Colin Lepadev on TwitterSpecialist in post-Soviet societies (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) and Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Paris-Nanderre.

According to him, the 56-year-old will not benefit from real support within political power, he will be particularly distant from the powerful circle of military generals and will not have too much greed or thirst for power. Information The Daily Mirror confirmedHe claims to be in a much better position than another Russian politician, Vladimir Putin: his current right-hand man, Nikolai Badrushev.

No change in course

Nikolai Badrushev is currently Secretary of the Russian Security Council Referred to regularly Should take responsibility from Vladimir Putin. Having enjoyed a better relationship with the latter (they were born in the same year, the same St. Petersburg, followed the same course and both went through the KGB box), he shares his political vision: where Russia should occupy the world in the forefront, especially against the US and the Western camp.

Therefore, we can imagine that if Vladimir Putin dies and Nikolai Badrushev replaces him, a radical change in policy should not be expected. According to US intelligenceHe even whispered in the ear of the Kremlin leader to encourage him to continue his progress in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, in Russia, history shows that we should not make hasty decisions, and although he was a big fan, Nikolai Badrushev was not guaranteed the successor to his friend Vladimir Putin. If the leader is to retire permanently, many political figures will be able to function better and change power cards without changing the radical course.

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