Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Russian bombings continue in many cities, even diplomatic efforts


Paris accuses Moscow of “lying” over Ukraine’s violation of humanitarian law

Vladimir Putin condemns “Worst Violations” Humanitarian law of the Ukrainian forces, these “Lie”Elysee Palace responded on Saturday following a new debate between Russian President, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

Prior to this call, Messrs. Macron and Scholz each met with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky, who immediately called on Mr. Asked to intervene with Putin. Mr Zhelensky asked them to help free the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Melidopol. According to Kiev, he was abducted by Russians the day before.

In the strategic port city of Mariupol, Destroyed by almost two weeks’ siege, “The situation is so dire that man cannot sustain it.”And this “The only decision President Putin can make is to lift the blockade.”, Also announced as Elysée. Emmanuel Macron told the Russian president “Russian military abuses must stop”.

At the end of this conversation, as described “Very explicit and difficult” In one “Dramatic Moment”French President “Is committed to using all the resources of diplomacy, that is, the most demanding dialogue.” With Vladimir Putin, but with obstacles, “They are historical in nature” With “A Deportation” According to the President of Russia.

“We put maximum pressure, we will not let go”, Added the French president. He emphasized the need to address the issue of the use of chemical weapons by Moscow in Ukraine. “The conflict is too strong to end quickly enough to avoid the worst, including the use of illegal weapons or the destruction of cities.”.

Paris reiterated that new sanctions would be considered “Without restriction”Emmanuel Macron announced the closing on Friday Versace European SummitTwenty-seven agreed to double funding for arms to Ukraine.

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