June 13, 2024

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Russian forces have been ordered to invade Ukraine, according to US intelligence

Several US media outlets have reported that the United States has been informed that Russian orders have been issued for an invasion of Ukraine.

The United States has said Russia has been ordered to invade Ukraine, with several U.S. media outlets quoting unnamed intelligence sources on Sunday.

This information would have prompted President Biden to say “firmly” that Putin had decided to attack Ukraine on Friday. Washington PostDisclosure of this information to anonymous sources without direct reference.

At the request of our colleagues from the AFP, the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department did not confirm or deny this information, which was published by other American media outlets.

The movement of troops was observed for several days

On Friday, a Pentagon official confirmed that more than 40% of Russian troops concentrated on Ukraine’s borders were now under attack, noting that the phase of Russian-led instability in the country had “begun.”

The official said that the movement of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border has been observed since Wednesday.

Washington has been warning for weeks that Russia will cause an incident on the Ukrainian border to justify its invasion of Ukraine. On Sunday, diplomatic leader Anthony Blingen reaffirmed that “everything” indicates that Russia is on the “edge” of occupying Ukraine.

Russia denies any plan of aggression, but demands guarantees for its security, such as the withdrawal of NATO from Eastern Europe, many of which have been rejected by the West.