June 21, 2024

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Russian military says it has foiled ‘massive’ drone strike in Crimea

Russian military says it has foiled ‘massive’ drone strike in Crimea

What is there to know?

The Russian military said on Wednesday, March 1, that it had shot down 10 Ukrainian drones during an attempted attack. “big” The day after a similar incursion into Russian territory by several aircraft against its installations in annexed Crimea. “Massive drone attack attempt by Kyiv regime on facilities in Crimea thwarted”Russian Defense Ministry said.

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Finland agrees to join NATO. Finland’s MPs voted 184 in favor of their country joining the military alliance and seven against. But Hungary and Turkey’s approvals are still necessary for the Nordic country to join NATO. Such integration would end half a century of Moscow-imposed neutrality and then three decades of non-alignment since the end of the Cold War.

Ukraine “Defeated the Winter Terror”. The Ukrainian diplomatic chief welcomed the presence to Ukraine on Wednesday “Survived the toughest winter in its history”Marked by massive Russian bombings that plunged millions into darkness. “It was cold and dark, but we were unbreakable”, Dmytro Kouleba said on Facebook.

Finland begins construction of its Iron Curtain. Finland has begun building its new 200-kilometer-long fence along part of its border with Russia, which was decided after the invasion of Ukraine. Work on a three-kilometer pilot project near the city of Imatra in southeastern Finland.

Russia is trying “around” Bagmouth. Russian paramilitary group Wagner is trying “Pierce the Security” Ukrainian troops in the city, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces said on Tuesday. Despite its strategic importance disputed by experts, the site has become a symbol of the struggle for control of the Donbass.

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