June 16, 2024

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Russian military says it hit Ukrainian air defense batteries

Russian military says it hit Ukrainian air defense batteries

US diplomat says strengthening Ukraine is the only way to achieve real peace.

The only way to achieve this is to continue arming and strengthening Ukraine “True Peace”The US diplomatic chief said on Friday, rejecting any idea of ​​a cease-fire at the current levels, while the Russian invasion was, for him, ” Strategic failure.

“Since we have no illusions about Putin’s ambitions, we believe that prudent diplomacy and a prerequisite for real peace is a strong Ukraine, capable of deterring and defending itself in the event of future aggression.”Anthony Blinken said in a speech in Finland on April 31e NATO member country.

“The war of aggression was a strategic failure that significantly undermined Russia’s military, economic and diplomatic strength and influence over the years. (…). Given President Putin’s long-term strategic goals and objectives, there is no doubt: the situation in Russia today is much worse than it was before the invasion. »

“The Kremlin often said it had the second most powerful military in the world, and many believed it. Today, many consider the Russian military the second most powerful in Ukraine.The Secretary of State joked. “Although Putin wanted to show strength, he showed weakness. When he wanted to divide, he united. »

A ceasefire in the current situation, Mr. According to Blinken, only “Integrated” It allowed the stranglehold of the Russian military in eastern Ukraine “Re-attack”, He stressed, moreover, that the support of the United States has strengthened The “Skills [de ceux-ci] Respond to potential threats from China or elsewhere..