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Samsung offers a free Galaxy Z Flip 4 upgrade and an instant $100 discount


Last update: Oct 8, 2022 at 17:57 UTC + 02:00

Samsung He really wants customers to buy his products directly from his online store. This is one of the main reasons why we see some of the best deals on their products in store. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 It is one of the best Samsung phones on the market right now, and Samsung wants to make it easy for you to buy a phone.

The company has updated its Galaxy Z Flip 4 offer. It’s now offering customers a free memory upgrade as well as an instant $100 discount.

Samsung has some of the best deals on its phones

The base Galaxy Z Flip 4 model costs $999 and comes with 128GB of internal storage. Since the device It does not have a microSD card slotIt’s always nice to have extra storage on board, since 128GB is definitely a bit low for this day and age.

Samsung offers a free memory upgrade so you can now buy the 128GB model but get the 256GB version instead. The instant $100 discount on the offer means the final purchase price is only $899. It’s a very nice deal and provides excellent value for money.

This discount does not require a device to be traded. If you want to send in your current device, Samsung offers enhanced exchange values ​​of up to $700. This will help you reduce the cost of your foldable smartphone significantly.

All customers also get four free months of YouTube Premium, four months of free SiriusXM streaming, 3 months of free Spotify Premium plus 6 months of 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage.

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If you are attracted to choosing one, just Head over to And buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4 before this deal ends.

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