April 15, 2024

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Samsung separates what is from Android 13 in One UI 5

Samsung separates what is from Android 13 in One UI 5

distance Initial proposal Today, Friday, Samsung officially began in detail the launch of its beta program One UI 5 Open Beta and Android 13 for the Galaxy S22 series.

We’ve already seen One UI 5 Changelog betabut it is interesting to know what Samsung Choose to highlight And how it compares to Google’s Android 13 Beta on Pixel:

One UI 5 brings a suite of new personalization, security, and accessibility features as part of Samsung’s ongoing commitment to bringing the latest mobile experiences to as many users as possible.

“Custom Look and Feel” is the first support column highlighting the expansion of the Dynamic Color theme so that “users now have up to 16 preset color themes based on their wallpaper and 12 additional color options for their home screens, icons, and quick panels.”

In addition to smart widgetsOne UI 5 now offers the ability to stack UI elements of the same size (and larger than 2×1). All you have to do is drag an object from the home screen on top of another object with the access remaining as a horizontal swipe. It would be wise for Google to add this capability to Pixel phones and make it a part of Android, just like iOS.

L: pixel | R: Samsung

On the notification front, Samsung is highlighting “New Controls [that] It makes it easier for users to block notifications from certain apps.”

Unsurprisingly, the big advantage is the ability to set preferred languages ​​on an app-by-app basis. Samsung offered Google’s combined “Security & Privacy” page Previewed at I/O 2022 It was released in May, but hasn’t been shown on the Pixel as of last month’s 4.1 beta. The “Protected by AndroidThe brand is invisible.

Pixel vs Samsung

Other experimental features include:

One UI 5 simplifies the process of changing sound and vibration settings with reorganized menus that provide easy access to all ringtone volumes and vibration intensities.

Users can take high-quality photos and videos more smoothly with a new icon in Pro and Pro Video mode that offers helpful tips and tricks on how to use different lenses, features, and controls. Plus, a more responsive zoom bar means faster close-ups and makes it easier to focus on the subject with just one hand.

The update also provides more accessibility options to make it easier for users to interact with their devices. The Magnifier feature allows users to better view and read on their devices, while different types of spoken assistance—such as audio descriptions of videos and speaking aloud keyboard input—help users navigate and use devices more smoothly.

Samsung said today that the One UI 5 beta program will initially be available in the US, Germany and South Korea, with “other regions planned over the coming months”. This should be covered China, India, Poland and the United Kingdom

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