April 17, 2024

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See the picture - Hollywood Live

See the picture – Hollywood Live

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Janet Jackson She met her biggest fan on Sunday. After hours of singing, dancing and sweating [Cincinatti Music Festival]We should hang out with her [Janet, 56]” Larry Birkhead He commented a photo he posted on July 24. The photo showed Janet standing between Larry, 49, and Daniellene Birkheadthe 15-year-old daughter of Larry Anna Nicole Smith. Danielle had the biggest smile on her face as she stood next to Janet, who was wearing a tan jumpsuit after her performance. Dannielyn looked like a young emo-punk rocker with Dr. Martens and safety gloves.

“[Janet] Killed him,” added Larry, who said the music icon “managed to include all of her songs, singing and dancing in the heat.” And the Still finding time for two of her fans.” Larry said he and his daughter had a “wonderful weekend” and commented, “How attractive is Janet?”

This reunion comes nearly three months after Dannielyn attended the Barnstable Brown Gala, a Kentucky Derby Before the party, while wearing one of Janet previous difference. Danielle wore a black and white costume purchased through a charity auction, and Larry said Janet wore the suit “to the same party in 2003.” The trio took a photo together at the party, and Danylin could not restrain her joy. “Janet was very gracious and supportive of Danielle in her dress,” Larry commented on the show. “She made Danielle so happy and she even kindly gave us a picture.”

Janet was at the 2022 Kentucky Derby to make what would be the first of a string of rare appearances and Offers. She was also “in a daze when she saw Danielle wearing her signature clothes” from the inside Tell Hollywood Live Exclusively after the Kentucky Derby meeting. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and thought Danylin looked so amazing. Janet felt it It was meant to be She ran into them at the derby and thought they couldn’t be more kind.”

It was the summer of Janet’s reunion. At the beginning of July, she met her ex-husband happy times costar Kim Fields. Janet Benny portrayed Godon Woods in 48 episodes of the 1970s sitcom, while Kim, 53, played her character “Kim” in a pair of episodes. Kim later established her fame as “Tootie” in Strokes Diff’rentWhich is the role you will be transitioning to life facts. Kim also played the role of Regina Hunter live one in the 1990s.

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