April 13, 2024

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Severe economic consequences after the Baltimore bridge collapse

Severe economic consequences after the Baltimore bridge collapse

Baltimore's largest bridge collapsed on Tuesday morning, March 26, after being hit by a stricken container ship. Vehicles and many people were submerged in water. Rescuers suspended their search around the bridge on Tuesday evening, and US officials believe the six missing people are now dead. The serious accident also blocked one of the country's busiest ports.

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It will take days, probably weeks, to restore access to Baltimore Harbor from sea and land. 34,000 vehicles cross this four-lane highway bridge every day. An important transportation artery for our state, its prolonged closure would inevitably disrupt business operations and supply chains. ยป, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce writes in a press release.

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More than one million containers and 52 million tons of goods passed through the Port of Baltimore last year, including 800,000 cars imported or exported. The city has become the city with the most new cars in the US. It is a major point of entry into the country for sugar and gypsum, a mineral used in the manufacture of plaster. According to AFP, 15,000 direct and 140,000 indirect jobs depend on the port.

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