May 26, 2024

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She claims to be Maddy McCann: Julia finds her health book, “everything that happened between her birth and her 5 years is gone”

She claims to be Maddy McCann: Julia finds her health book, “everything that happened between her birth and her 5 years is gone”

From twists to sensational reports – until recently – the Maddie McCann claimant has continued to occupy the media space.

On May 3, 2007, Parents Maddie McCann In their favour holiday In a hotel complex in Praia da Luz Portugal. In her room, little Maddie, then 4, sleeps peacefully. But when the parents returned, Madeleine was missing. A case that has rocked English tabloids for 15 years. And above all, A Investigation Who treads.

But this is another piece of information that has been stirring the media around the world for weeks. In fact, a young woman claimed to be Maddy McCann. JuliaCurrently residing Poland, thought Madeleine. Anyway, she screamed loudly for a while before retracting her statements.

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She claimed to be Maddy McCann: her head was high, and Julia fled to America

After the commotion, Julia seems to have more or less come to her senses. She is now claiming to be another girl who disappeared years ago. Suffering death threats, she hastily fled her country, aided by her advisor, the media Fia JohanssonTo take refuge in Los Angeles (USA).

“All Gone”

But Julia wasn’t done talking about people. In fact, Fia Johansson and her supporters continue to occupy the media space. In a recent interview with Radar Online, the enigmatic doctor. Johansson explains that she carried out the investigation until she found several elements that proved that Julia was partially telling the truth. In fact, Fia Johansson would have gone to the hospital KrakowJulia would have been born 21 years ago. There, the media found Julia’s health book, which contained no information before the young woman was 5 years old. “It’s strange because everything in Julia’s health record, everything, starts at age 5.”He reassures our colleagues. “Everything that happened between her birth and her 5th birthday is gone. And there is no signature from the doctor showing that she has deleted any records from her file. She has not. Not at this time.”.

Julia has repeatedly said that she does not remember her childhood. She claims she was abused by a German pedophile who looked like the prime suspect in the Maddie McCann case, thinking she was the famous Madeleine. Before returning to his statements.

A Polish woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann has no hospital records for the first five years of her life, according to an investigator.

— Daily Star (@dailystar) March 7, 2023