June 19, 2024

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Sherrill Lee Ralph Colleges "TV judge" sexually assaulted her

Sherrill Lee Ralph Colleges “TV judge” sexually assaulted her

Photo: Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for ESSENCE

Actress, singer and motivational speaker Sheryl Lee Ralph has alleged she was sexually assaulted by a “famous TV judge” in front of network executives. while discussing her new book Diva 2.0.0 update On the Podcast The Road with Angela YeeRalph was asked about her experience related to the #MeToo movement. the Abbott Elementary The star recalled being in a “very public place” years ago, and meeting a judge — not Judge Mathis, she noted — who was on the same network she was on a TV show at the time. Ralph claimed, “This man came in, grabbed me by the back of the neck, turned me around and thrust his painful tongue down my throat.” “Everyone in the network saw it.” She added that she responded by calling then-Mayor of New Orleans Marc Morial (who placed the incident between 1994 and 2002, when she starred on UPN’s Mosha), who offered to send the police immediately. “Someone at the network tapped me on the shoulder, and said to me, ‘Please don’t,’” Ralph said. “You know they don’t want any bad press about their show, and they don’t care what just happened to me?” She looked visibly angry as she described this. No. “That’s the kind of thing that happens,” Ralph concluded. “That’s what makes it so hard for women to talk about these things.”

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