June 16, 2024

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Shocking statistics of Russian military losses

Shocking statistics of Russian military losses

Edited by Nicolas Donauve and Romain Rouillard

While the war is still raging in Ukraine, the Oryx site, an expert on military affairs, reveals that the Russian military has lost an astronomical amount of gear since the offensive began. This could increase the number of men and provide additional equipment to the Ukrainian army.

The numbers are enough to make you dizzy. According to Oryx, a website specializing in military affairs, the Russian military was affected Huge losses At the material level from the beginning War in Ukraine. This frightening inventory reports thousands of lost machines.

This type of census is particularly interesting because it is carried out using photographs and therefore provides concrete evidence for each device destroyed. The Oryx site claims that 1,200 Russian tanks have been immobilized. In comparison, the French forces have only 200 Leclerc tanks. More than 2,000 armored support or troop transport vehicles are no longer in service.

More than 400 operational tanks were abandoned

The Air Force also lost around fifty aircraft in this battle. In turn, this material hegatomb may be synonymous with human catastrophe, as the machines are staffed or transported by soldiers.

Also, more than 400 tanks were left inoperable. The Ukrainian army is better armed thanks to its enemy than it was before the start of the war. Because a peak lasts well Russia Several thousand more tanks are in stock to be sent into the field. However, that is subject to finding tankers to pilot them.

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