May 25, 2024

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Sixty suspicious incidents identified during the election

Sixty suspicious incidents identified during the election

About sixty suspicious cases Identified on digital platforms during the French elections in 2022 According to ViginamGovernment body responsible for detecting foreign digital interference and published Its first annual report.

According to the Viginum report, a “false phenomenon” is characterized by the dissemination of “artificial or automatic, massive and deliberate” false or misleading information.

Twelve of them were fully investigated, and five were ultimately classified as foreign digital interference. These events have proliferated worldwide in recent years.

The false content was circulated before the presidential election

In March 2022, shortly before the first round of the French presidential election, Viginum said it noted the rapid spread of apparently false or misleading content (texts, images, videos) on several social media platforms.

The contents allege the French government used voting machines from a Canadian company accused by some North American activists of electoral fraud that led to the former president’s defeat.

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