May 23, 2024

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Cade Stover is a captain.

Skull Session: Life in an 11 Watt Slack, Kid Stuffer Makes His Mom Proud and Ohio Backdoor Scene Needs Respect

When announced Big Ten Record-breaking media rights deal With Fox, CBS, and NBC on Thursday mornings, my co-worker, and Eleven Warriors Senior Editor Jonny Ginter sent three separate messages at Slack.

9:59 AM: Seven

9:59 AM: Billion

9:59 AM: dollar

At 10:22 a.m. Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Football Writer Dan Hope sent an update Sports Business Magazine The agreement is valued at $8.05 billion over seven years. Johnny replied back with three messages.

10:29 AM: eight

10:29 AM: Billion

10:29 AM: dollar

That was exactly my reaction to the news on Thursday. Fox, CBS, and NBC backed Truck Brinks for this deal, and the Big Ten got it Pay.

With the approval of the convention’s member schools, Commissioner Kevin Warren has changed the future viewing experience for Big Ten fans – what they will watch, how they will watch and where they will watch. We’ll find out in 2023 if these changes make watching Big Ten matches better for fans, but we already know the conference will reap the financial rewards.

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff and have a great Friday, shall we?

Wait – something else. Well, you lied. Sorry I’m not sorry. This CBS video is so good, I need to make sure everyone watches it. If you’ve already watched the clip, watch it again and receive it in full.

This is beautiful. Get ready to hear that music more often next fall.

Oh captain! My leader or my master! The six Ohio state captains are CJ Stroud, Cam Pappe, Tyler Friday, Tommy Eichenberg, Kurt Williams and Kid Stover. The aforementioned last name has gone through a lot of change during his Buckeye career, including several switches between linebackers and tight end.

No matter where Stover played for Ohio State, he’s always been a leader, and that’s evident in how the team’s coaches talk about him and his impact in the locker room. Take this video, for example, where coach and offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson calls Steffer’s mother to spread the news that he’s been named captain.

“This is going to be a special and special year,” Wilson said in the video. “Not only does he do plays, he does a lot of plays behind the scenes. The way he works and connects with our players – he is just a special guy and a special talent.”

When asked what it means to become a captain for him, Stover said he feels lucky and honored to be so highly regarded by his teammates, whom he considers brothers both on and off the field.

“It means a lot,” Staffer said Monday. “I didn’t really get any words. I love this team. I love the people around me.”

Greetings to Stoffer for what seemed to be the off season. In fact, Ohio State is using the tight end more than ever this season, and Stuffer may reap the benefits of his hard work in 2022.

Help me here. I usually don’t have any regard for a Twitter user named Big Game Boomer. However, a list released on Thursday caught my eye.

Boomer ranks all things college football related like coaches, players, or even the best dining spots on college campuses, among other things. This time, he created five tiers for the best schools in college football, and the Buckeyes fell into the third category. They were also the Big Ten’s third-best school in the Tailgate Division, behind Michigan and Penn State.

Now, I’ve been to fewer back gates in Ohio than I can count on one hand. However, I felt a deep disrespect because the school where I got my bachelor’s degree was not respected as one of the best team gaming environments in college football.

Am I wrong to feel this way? Please tell me whether or not Boomer’s placement of the Ohio backdoor scene is justified in the comments.

Olympic Village. Ohio State Ice Hockey won the program’s first national title in 2021-22 by defeating rival Quinnipiac, Yale and Western Hockey League Collegiate Minnesota Duluth in the NCAA Championship.

When coach Nadine Mozeral raised the trophy, she fulfilled a prophecy she had made for the university’s sports department before the season – that she had a team of championship caliber capable of winning it all.

“At the beginning of the year, Moz stood up to all of the athletics and said, ‘We’re going to win a national championship this year,'” Ohio State striker Claire D. George said. After winning the title. “We’re looking at that now and we realize we’ve already made it. It’s huge.”

Muzerall’s unquestionable faith, training and instruction combined with the Buckeyes’ collective talent on every line propelled Ohio State to the top of the mountain last season. Now, the team’s historic championship win will go on forever in the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame.

I think these items would look perfect next to the Stanley Cup. Little Ohio souvenirs next to that big silver trophy would be really cool.

Today’s song. “Feels Right” by Dead Danny.

cut to chase. Buffalo Wild Wings adds Chicken Wings Pizza To the list … broadcast services outperform cable networks For the first time… Kid Cody and Kanye West They fight again… Japan is encouraging Young people to drink more…a woman from Michigan wins the lottery With a randomly found ticket.

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