April 18, 2024

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Skylines 2, as well as a lot of other things

Skylines 2, as well as a lot of other things

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Paradox strategists had a great day today, as it took the lid off a slew of new projects set to be released over the next couple of years, including both new games and expansions to existing games.

Cities: Ofoq 2 announced

Big news first: Cities: Skylinesthe world’s leading city builder And the game is now eight years old, one way or another, is getting a sequel. It’s unfortunate that the first trailer is cinematic, so there’s not much to draw from, but the accompanying press release contains more information:

A modern look at the type of city building, Cities: Skylines II It allows players to create and maintain cities that come alive like never before, complete with fully realized transportation and economic systems, a wealth of build and customization options, and advanced modding capabilities. detect through Display the 2023 Paradox AnnouncementCities: Skylines II evolves the city-building genre further, allowing players to build the cities of their dreams with the most open-ended city-building sandbox on the planet.

Well, that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t tell us anything either, especially what this is going to do that we can’t actually do Cities: Skylines. Well, at least you’ll look prettier! maybe!

Cities Horizons II | Trailer Ad I

The Third Crusader Kings: Journeys and Journeys

The Third Crusader Kings It is getting a new expansion called Tours and tournamentsAnd which is similar to the last major update of the game, Royal Courtgeared more towards the character and RPG aspect of the game than its broader strategic content.

There is a lot of information about it herebut mainly:

With assembling an entourage, selecting your travel options, and hiring a caravan master, you are ready to hit the road and travel to activities around the world. The travel system is integral to the activities, as both the host and guests travel to get to them – creating a stronger sense of place as you see your path being drawn and your character moving directly on the map.

The expansion will add three main events for you to travel to: Grand Tournaments, Grand Weddings, and Grand Tours, each allowing you to show off in your world, meet people, and give the player more menus prompting you to choose a dialogue/action option.

It will be released in Late Spring.

Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments – Trailer


This looks great! This is something completely new, β€œa turn-based tactical strategy game set in an alternate 1933,” which is a longer way of describing what was almost certainly an elevator pitch, which is β€œit Indiana Jones x XCOM“.

The Lamplighters League – Trailer Ad

Since this trailer doesn’t contain any gameplay, here’s a second:

The Lamplighters League – First look at gameplay

The game will be released on PC and Xbox Series X and S in 2023.


The revered grand strategy classic Europa Universalis IV has its 2168th expansion with dominancewhich “introduces new mission trees, new government reforms, new estate management and new events for the game’s many major powers”.

This meant that powers such as Britain, Spain, and France were “given new life and a new balance, with greater historical depth, more promising rewards, and branching mission trees so that players’ choices could have a significant impact on the course of history.”

Europe Universalis IV: Domination | Trailer ad

Paradox has also released a bunch of small announcements for smaller titles, such as the Surviving the Aftermath expansion and “meshabelluma sci-fi auto-combat game where players compete against ever-growing armies of mechs, robots, and heavy weapons.” which you can check here.

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