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Solium Infernum is a grand strategy game for PC that is set in Hell


Photo of the article Solium Infernum is a grand strategy game set in Hell

picture: Hell Solium

I know a lot of people who would say great strategy game collection Anywhere It would be hell, but these people don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Hell Solium Announced overnight, the next game of the League of Geeks, The team behind the long term and very good ermelo. Its official description reads:

Prepare yourself for Solium Infernum, the grand strategy game of politics, intrigue and betrayal, set in the ultimate Hell Arena.

As a powerful fallen chief, wicked masters of the Infernal Kingdom of Hell, you are a contender for the Infernal Throne – the loss of the mighty majesty of darkness and the frantic council demands its replacement. Command hordes of awe, recruit heroic heroes, cast sinister rituals, and beat your rivals to become the new Dark Majesty of Hell.

“Grand strategy game” is something like this Crusader Kingsa title where the player is required to do all kinds of different things at the head of a faction, from managing the economy to moving armies to deal with political intrigues. So just imagine it here You compete to be the new The Majesty of the Great Darkness.

right now Fun part: This isn’t an entirely new game! It is instead an attempt to do justice to one of the most interesting, though also underappreciated, strategy games of the past fifteen years. Designer Vic Davis, also known as Cryptic Comet Hell Solium in 2009 (His site is still there, and you can even download a demo of it), and it looked like this:

Photo of the article Solium Infernum is a grand strategy game set in Hell

picture: Hell Solium

Armello’s take, meanwhile, looks like this:

Image for article titled Solium Infernum Is A Grand Strategy Game Set In Hell

Image: Solium Infernum

If you’re noticing similarities between the above screenshot and Armello, that’s no coincidence. League of Geeks boss Trent Kusters I told her who – which “[Solium Infernum] He was a great inspiration to Armillo. So it is a real honor. We have known you [Davis] for years. And when we [thinking] “What are we going to do in our next game,” Tai Carey — co-founder — just said, “Let’s do this, let’s talk to him.”

Davis –who seems to no longer design games and Now she sells cake, which looks great– League of Geeks has expired “Obtain” the intellectual property thus “Passed” Torch ‘for the Australian studio, who hopes to Hell basic experience (Which led to this wonderful series of rock paper gun old) find a wider and more appreciative audience after its reformulation and I was given a new coat of paint.

The game will premiere on Steam sometime in 2023, and you can watch the cinematic trailer below:

Solium Infernum – Official Cinematic Trailer

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