June 26, 2024

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Sony patent suggests PS3 era surround compatibility could come to PS5

Sony patent suggests PS3 era surround compatibility could come to PS5

A new patent suggested that Sony Perhaps you are trying to make older devices, such as peripherals or mobile devices, compatible with modern devices Play Station keyboard.

Patent (monitored by dementia game) seems to show older Sony hardware, such as old media remotes, DualShock controllers, and even a portable console, possibly the PSP Go, being used by emulation with PlayStation 5.

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The image, which can be seen below, shows the DualShock, Sony Media Remote, what appears to be a PlayStation mouse, an EyeToy game, a PlayStation Move stick, and a memory card.

Sony has always abandoned much of this technology, with the latest being the PlayStation Move stick, which is still used to control the first iteration of PlayStation VR.

Sony patent suggests PS3 era surround compatibility could come to PS5

What makes the patent even more interesting is that the peripherals basically look like they are from the PS3 era, which could indicate that this is part of Sony Reported efforts to simulate the systemwhich has been converted to live streaming only as part of Sony’s new PlayStation Plus branding.

While it’s possible to imagine Sony exploring how to make this legacy technology work through simulation, since none of the equipment, except for PS Move Wands, currently available for purchase, it might just be a process of simulating the functionality of these items in software, rather than compatibility with PlayStation 5

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus offering, now rolled out in most regions, offers three tiers, the top of which provides access to classic games from the back PlayStation catalog.

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While titles from PlayStation, Playstation 2 And the PlayStation Portable They are presented via emulation, Play station 3which is notorious for being difficult to emulate due to its unique technology, can only be played via broadcast.