April 14, 2024

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Sony Recruitment Emulation Engineer Suggests Hope for PS3 on PS5

Sony Recruitment Emulation Engineer Suggests Hope for PS3 on PS5

PS3 corner art shot.

picture: Sony

new job advertisement, reported by Playstation Lifestyle After it was spotted Reset, strongly suggests that Sony may be trying to hire an engineer to get its own PS3 emulators. There are also rumors of old PS3 peripherals running on the new one. who will be everything Such as comfort.

If you’ve been into Sony’s relaunched PlayStation Plus for PS4 and PS5, you’ll notice that when you explore the more than 400 games in its extensive archive, everything should be streamed on PS3. And oh man, the flow is disgusting.

The PS5 has not, yet, been able to run PS3 emulation, which makes it a huge problem when it comes to losing this entire generation of games to modern hardware. The rebooted PS+ offers the option to download games from PS1, PSP, PS2, PS4 and of course PS5. But for the PS3, you’re stuck with streaming, and at least in my experience, that’s a nasty mess of pixels and failures.

So there is hope in the form of Advertisement for a new job For a software development engineer, brought up on LinkedIn by PlayStation Studios.

Our Software Development Engineer position works on the tools and technology team at PlayStation Studios to support the newly relaunched “Classics” for PS4 and PS5. Classic games emulate old PlayStation platforms. As a Classic Engineer, you will work closely with a range of engineers, producers, and QA teams to fix bugs, add new features, and develop new emulators.

The “development of new emulators” is what got me excited, because unless they’re going to be aggressive and want to let people run GBA ROMs on the console, PS3 is the only emulator that really needs development.

At the same time, player spotted A new patent from Sony outlines the desire for a range of PS3 peripherals that run on the PS5, including the EyeToy, PS Mouse and PS Move controllers.

trying to play a little bit of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean With my son the other day, while streaming through the newly relaunched PS+, the game collapsed into a smeared mess of massive pixels over and over again. I checked my PS5 internet connection, which reported 875MB/s, which I argue should be. just around Enough to air an eleven-year-old game. However, we were plagued by these nasty image crashes, input lag at the end of the game, and a message popping up everywhere saying my 1GB internet connection isn’t good enough for streaming. Which is just embarrassing.

So bring the emulator! There are, of course, already working PS3 emulators available for PC, and given the power of the PS5, it wouldn’t be too difficult to replicate this on the console. However, playing it on PS4 can be a trickier job. Still, it’s good to hold on to at least those little flashes of hope.

Also, I find it very funny that these companies, often the scourge of simulation communities, are now turning to the same technology to enhance their business models.

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