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Sony will unveil 3 new headphones and two new screens next week


Last week, I reported via Try hard guides Sony has been preparing for the possible unveiling of a new PlayStation 5 Pro console in the near future. This assumption was based on the knowledge that Sony is actually revealing new devices this weekend.

Although there is no confirmation on whether or not the console will be detected, it does make sense. There is no official confirmation yet “inside” Confirming that this is the case, however, sources have confirmed, as far as they know, what will be shown from Sony next week.

Information about one group of devices has already been provided openThe new Sony headphones. This is what’s new “Enzon” H Series headphones, with three sets to be revealed next week. The INZONE H3, INZONE H7, and INZONE H9 come with 360 spatial audio for gaming and are all Discord certified.

Inzone H3:

  • wired headphone
  • cheapest earphone
  • 360 spatial sound

Inzone H7:

  • wireless headphone
  • 360 spatial sound
  • Best battery life
  • wireless headphone
  • 360 spatial sound
  • most expensive headphone
  • Noise canceling sound

The price points of the headphones have not been revealed. In addition to the three new headphones, Sony is also set to unveil two completely new gaming monitors under the INZONE brand, which feature PlayStation Exclusive Featureswhich includes automatic HDR tone mapping and automatic type image mode.

According to my sources, one of these monitors will be 4K gaming at 144Hz, while the other will be Full HD gaming at 240Hz. Both devices are described as “Perfect for PS5” And it got VRR (HDMI/G-Sync) support and a low latency (1ms GtG) feature. Sony also took HDR into account (4K/144Hz DisplayHDR600, FullHD/240Hz DisplayHDR400) for both displays.

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It is also believed that both of these screens will come with it Game Assist Featureswhich includes screens that display the number of frames per second, game time, viewfinder, optimizing brightness in dark locations (black equalizer), optimizing brightness and contrast – to see enemies better with these features turned off/on according to user wishes.

The monitors’ price points were not disclosed. However, it is still not clear if Sony will also reveal the new Pro console, but my sources said that these five new pieces of new hardware are due to be revealed next week and are set to be part of Sony’s new brand “INZONE”. “.

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