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Sources say Yellowstone is ‘winding up after season 5 amid disagreements with Kevin Costner’


  • No start date has been set for the second half of the fifth season to begin filming
  • Sources blamed creator Taylor Sheridan’s ego for getting in the way
  • They claim Costner was ready to shoot in January but no scripts were finalized

The end may be fast approaching for Paramount Network’s popular series Yellowstone, according to a new report.

The show is set to end after the upcoming second half of its fifth seasons, sources have claimed to New York Post on monday. reached out to Paramount representatives.

The problem appears to be a clash between the show’s star Kevin Costner, who has reportedly expressed a desire to significantly reduce his workload for the fifth season to focus on other projects, and creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan, who sources claim has developed a new show. Big ego after becoming a major player in the film and television industry.

“It’s the same as any show-runner and a major star — there’s respect, but there’s friction,” said a source who was described as “well-placed” within the production.

the end? Sources tell the New York Post that Yellowstone will end after the second half of its fifth season, and Kevin Costner may never return to the series; Creator Taylor Sheridan seen with Costner in 2018

Adding to the uncertainty about the series is the lack of a date to resume filming for the second half of the season, which could be disrupted by the impending shutdown after members of the Writers Guild of America voted to authorize a strike over pay issues.

Another “high-ranking Hollywood” source indicated that some of the blame for the “friction” on set rested with its creator.

Taylor is the star of his show. They said he was the most important person in all of his performances.

The first half of Season 5 finished in January, but as yet no date has been set for production to begin on the second half, leaving it vulnerable to a potential writers’ strike.

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However, the production source said, “We hope it gets resolved. It’s too big of a show to work things out.

“I hope Kevin comes back for the remaining episodes, if everyone works together, but it looks like Yellowstone will end after this season.”

But a third source who knows Sheridan seems to indicate that the writer and director have been keeping negotiations close to the jacket, making it difficult to understand what’s really going on behind the scenes.

“Only Taylor really knows what’s going on,” they said mysteriously.

Friction: Part of the problems was Sheridan’s new ego after his massive success, said a “high-profile Hollywood” source. But Costner is trying to shoot his western Horizon, which could conflict with his Yellowstone shooting schedule. Still from Yellowstone

According to a Hollywood source, it was Sheridan’s relatively late rise to prominence in the industry that fueled his “ego”.

They said, “Taylor spent years not being truly appreciated in Hollywood, and now that he’s on top of the heap, there’s definitely some ego to all of this.”

Delivery time It reported in February that Costner only wanted to shoot for one week in the second half of Season 5, having already shortened his work on the first half.

The obvious reason was that the actor wanted to focus on his upcoming Western Horizon movie franchise.

But Costner’s attorney Marty Singer responded after the report and claimed that imp news that it was an “absolute lie” that his client would only be fired for a week.

‘As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware,’ he said at the time, ‘he’s incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone above and beyond to ensure it’s a success.

And a Hollywood source seemed to confirm Costner’s willingness to return to work, although in this case it was allegedly Sheridan’s lack of preparation that got in the way.

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They said Costner was set to shoot the second half of the season sometime last year, as well as in January this year, but there were allegedly no completed scripts for filming at that time.

Kevin has been very accommodating working with Taylor and his production company, 101 Studios. They were supposed to shoot the second season of Season 5 late last year, but they didn’t have scripts, a Hollywood source claimed.

Nothing to work with? The Hollywood source also claimed that Costner was able to shoot last year and in January 2023, but both times Sheridan did not provide any scripts to shoot; Sheridan and Costner seen with Kelly Reilly in 2018
Nowhere to go: “Kevin was already committed to making his other movies… In the entertainment industry, you can’t keep yourself on hold and available while the producers don’t get to represent themselves with scripts,” the source claimed. Still from Yellowstone

They added that Sheridan was “overburdened” and “nothing was ready” even after Costner made himself available.

Kevin has already committed to making his other movies. He gave the producers his schedule, they said, explaining, in the entertainment industry, you can’t keep yourself on hold and available while the producers aren’t getting their work along with the scripts. There was nothing to shoot at.

Sheridan has greatly expanded his reach in recent years. Although he wrote and directed the entire first season of Yellowstone, he backed off in subsequent seasons and let other directors fill him in, though he went on to write or co-write nearly every screenplay.

But he has added several other shows to his portfolio, all of which have significant creative input from him.

In 2021, a series starring Jeremy Renner, the mayor of Kingstown, premieres. Sheridan directed two episodes and wrote the entire first season, before cutting his load for the second season.

He then directed the pilot and wrote every episode of the 1883 Yellowstone prequel series, and also wrote every episode of the subsequent 1923 prequel series.

In 2022, Sheridan created the Sylvester Stallone series – starring Tulsa King, for which he wrote the pilot, and he created and serves as showrunner on the upcoming spy series Lioness, starring Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana.

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The next series Sheridan created is the western Bass Reeves, starring David Oyelowo and Dennis Quaid, for which he is set to direct the pilot.

Paramount seems to be hedging its bets on Costner. Although Paramount Network president Keith Cox said he was “very confident.” [Costner]Our show will continue,” the network is moving forward with a Yellowstone spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey, which will continue whether or not you complete Yellowstone.

However, Paramount may have a financial incentive to finish Yellowstone. The series is broadcast live on the Paramount Network, but is streaming on NBC’s Peacock service due to a licensing deal.

Peacock retains the broadcast rights to Yellowstone for four years after the last episode aired, which means the longer the show runs, the longer he can keep it exclusively.

Very Busy: Sheridan has greatly expanded his reach in recent years. He has created several other shows for Paramount, regularly directing episodes, writing several, and even directing some; Still from Yellowstone
The money issue: Paramount may want to let Yellowstone end, with Peacock controlling the broadcast rights, while Paramount has full control of all of its spin-offs and Sheridan’s other offerings; Still from Yellowstone

However, subsequent spinoffs in Yellowstone – and Sheridan’s other shows – are broadcast on Paramount + Streamer.

Paramount doesn’t want to put Yellowstone on the air for more than another year [and competing with their shows]. They would rather have a file [Sheridan] Show with Paramount+, Hollywood source explained.

They added: ‘It’s a great show for Kevin. He pays him a lot of money and helped him revitalize him.

One silver lining that several sources have mentioned is that a potential writers strike could allow Sheridan and Costner to continue drafting a lineup to preserve Yellowstone.

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