February 29, 2024

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Spain: A new 45m yacht, valued at 25 million dollars, destroyed by flames

Spain: A new 45m yacht, valued at 25 million dollars, destroyed by flames

She came out of the yard and was started in April. The 45m superyacht “Area SF” moored off the coast of Sayona, Formentera Island in the Balearic Islands (Spain) was gutted by flames on Thursday afternoon. Estimated at around 25 million euros, this floating palace should be one of the attractions of the Cannes Yachting Festival in September, but also the Monaco Yacht Show in the following days. It is owned by an Italian businessman.

“All seven crew and nine passengers on board the boat are safe and sound. They were taken on board the vessel of the Guardia Civil maritime service,” Spanish rescuers at sea explained on Twitter. Crews tried to put out the fire after taking the passengers to nearby ships. in vain According to authorities, after burning for three hours, what was left of the fire-stricken boat had to be towed to Ibiza.

Before its destruction, its origin still unknown, this ship had impressive characteristics. Her steel hull and aluminum superstructure can accommodate up to 10 people in five cabins, each with en-suite facilities.

Another boat in this line is expected in 2023

The yacht required a crew of nine to maintain its spa and pool area, as well as several lounges (air-conditioned) and sunbathing areas. It is 5,500 km.

This is not the first time a superyacht has caught fire in the middle of summer. An 88m giant caught fire in Positano, Italy, on July 22, while another 27m vessel broke up in Valencia harbor in April.

Fans of these impressive floating buildings can rest assured that, according to exclusive sites, a second ship in the same series is under construction. It belongs to the “Gran Turismo” series, a sporty and luxurious line of yachts like the famous Italian coupes of the 1950s of the same name. Its delivery is expected in 2023.

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