April 15, 2024

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Spike Chunsoft launched a 'hidden bat' countdown site [Update]

Spike Chunsoft launched a ‘hidden bat’ countdown site [Update]

Spike Chunsoft Launch a countdown timer teaser site in Einglish And Japanese Titled “Hidden Bats”.

The website is linked to each of the file Twitter account And YouTube channel of the same name. The page features nine CRT TVs stacked, three of which are fixed exposures, and two are among those with hour-glass displays.

The following video titled “Bats489” is also featured on the website.

The first tweet From a Twitter account that reads “48:00:00” and links to “News” page For a company called the “Sunaiku Foundation,” which features articles dating back to April 1 about the appointment and disappearance of Snuaiku Foundation President Kagura Iwato, the creation of the Foundation’s Missing Persons Task Force, and the disappearance of high school student Aine Ichirai and college student Benato Sotobara (pictured below) .

The About page On the Sunaiku Corporation website provides more information about the company, noting that it was incorporated on October 28, 1943 in Also known asSaka, Minato, Tokyo, and has a branch office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its purpose is “to collect and disclose relevant information relating to missing persons and to assist in search and rescue efforts”.

The Beneficiaries button at the top of the site links to the countdown site.

a tweet From Spike Chunsoft’s official Twitter account, it reads, “A mysterious countdown site…maybe we’ve seen something like this before…” suggesting that the countdown may be connected to an existing game or franchise.

stay tuned

Update 10:55 pm: As noted by user AlphaKretin in the commentsa video clip titled “Bats490” referenced in Story Trailer to AI: Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative.