April 21, 2024

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State why Triple H running WWE Creative is so exciting

State why Triple H running WWE Creative is so exciting

The excitement surrounding Triple H take over creativity For WWE in the aftermath of Vince McMahon’s resignation it has diminished somewhat, at least in the sense that it isn’t as much talked about as it was when it first happened. The world of professional wrestling, like everything else, is moving fast.

But there is still a sense of excitement among those working within the company. The last one to reveal a lot is Edge, who is talking to him Ovarian Report To promote his next Toronto Homecoming match Against Damien Priest, explaining why:

“I’ve had a lot of creative input and I’ve had 25 years of equity in the company. In that regard it doesn’t change much, but it’s fun to see is he’s dressing room-wide now and that’s really cool. I think everyone is really excited and excited. And just get ready to see how some things are going. You can actually see what happens.

“I think Paul looks at things like a fan because he’s still a fan of this, just like me. He’s bringing back Carrion Cross and Dakota.” [Kai]. It’s really a fun time to be involved with the company.”

WWE TV definitely has a different feel to it. The change was not drastic, but there seems to be a new attitude towards the shows. A renovated dressing room can be a good thing for everyone involved.

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