May 25, 2024

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Stranger Things were originally going to kill Max forever

Stranger Things were originally going to kill Max forever

Strange things would have killed Max

Sadie Sink as Max in Weird things
screenshot: Netflix/Youtube

Weird things he always had The number of bodiesBut Millie Bobby Brown accused the Dover Brothers Being a “sensitive sled” To not exclude anyone from the main cast. While it’s true that our Hawkins heroes have survived an improbable amount of supernatural disasters (like a fake Hopper exploding into a Russian prison), they haven’t lived in comfort and safety either!

Take young Max Mayfield (Sadi Sink), who –Center Some tough competitionDefinitely the worst in season 4. By the end, Vecna ​​had turned her into an empty shell that was literally broken, with no awareness. But hey, at least she’s still alive, because the Duffers almost got rid of her.

Ross Dover says in The Weird things after, aftershow. “That’s what was going to happen for a while. But we ended up with this… we wanted to finish it off with a little more question at the end of the season, whereIt’s still really dark and if Max will be okay… we don’t really know. We wanted to leave him up in the air, advanced to sEason Five. “

Matt Dover adds that he “can’t go into details, but it’s important that she’s” in a coma, explaining that the character’s condition isn’t just a “cheat” to keep her in the cast but is actually “incredibly relevant” and will have “a huge impact on his life.” [season] five. “

It doesn’t seem like they in Sadie Sink have yet realized Max’s ultimate fate. “I just hope you will be able to do that anythingI think,” she said when asked about her hopes for the character in the final season. “Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on with her just in general.… I hope you are out of the hospital … out of the whole body, that would be cool. “

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