May 29, 2024

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Super Mario Bros Physical Soundtrack movie by 'iam8bit'

Super Mario Bros Physical Soundtrack movie by ‘iam8bit’

Photo: iam8bit

The Super Mario Bros. movie features It has a great Mario-themed soundtrack throughout, and if you’ve been keen to add a physical collection of this album to your collection, you’re in luck. Physical distributor iam8bit has partnered with Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures to unveil a series of products, which will be “available soon” as pre-orders.

This includes an exclusive 2 x LP color track ($42.99), a 7″ demo ($12.99), a 2-CD ($19.99), and even a cassette tape ($19.99). The score was composed by Brian Tyler, with the original Nintendo themes handled by Koji Kondo. Here’s a look at these products:

Here’s the description and track list, the highlight of which is “Peaches” performed by Jack Black as Bowser:

iam8bit is absolutely awesome, so it’s indescribably pumped to share with our colleagues at Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures to mint this hit coin-collecting, kart-racing hit from the feature film, onto CD, for your collection. It’s housed in a beautiful package showcasing lots of great artwork from the all-star team at Illumination. Don’t miss your chance to take home an iconic piece of musical animation history!”


– Press the start button
– King of Cubas
Plumbin’s not easy
– It’s a dog eat plumber’s world
Save Brooklyn
Warp tube
A strange new world
– The Darklands
Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom
– peach
– 2 player game
Mushroom Council
– The plumber and the peach
Princess of platforms
– World 1-1
– The adventure has begun
Lost and crowned
– Jailed
– Flirt with the Kong
– Super Marios Bros.! Opus
– Drivin’ Me Bananas
– bustle in the forest
– Karts!
With practice comes mastery
– Fasten seat belts
– Rage of the Rainbow Road
Blue bombing
– The stage is over
Inappropriate proposal
– belly of the beast
– Fight teeth and veil
Tactical tanuki
Wrestle in the Big Apple
– stars
– Super Mario Brothers
Bonus level

Would you add this sound to your own collection? Comment below.

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