May 29, 2024

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Tesla can now look for potholes and adjust the car's suspension to avoid damage

Tesla can now look for potholes and adjust the car’s suspension to avoid damage

Tesla’s latest software update includes a seemingly cool feature that could prevent a lot of bottom damage — and possibly some damage to the driver, too. Electric Reports. According to the release notes, the update (2022.20) will enable Tesla vehicles to clear the road ahead of potholes and adjust the suspension to account for rough terrain.

Tesla owners can activate the new feature by selecting “Comfort” under the Adaptive Suspension Damping setting. But the new feature may depend on where the car is being driven – which means it may not be available for every pothole and road. “This modification may occur at different locations, depending on availability, as the vehicle downloads raw roadmap data generated by the Tesla vehicles,” the release notes state. to me Not a Tesla app.

Notably, the software update does not apply to autopilot or fully autonomous driving, which means the car will not attempt to steer or avoid road damage. Elon Musk He said That Tesla is working on a deterrent system using 3D tagging to create crater maps – but that feature appears to be still in development. However, the automatic suspension adjustments are nothing to laugh at. This can prevent a lot of damage to the vehicle which may be unavoidable for drivers.

The update also includes a file green light chime To help combat driver distraction. We’ve all been trapped behind some idiot who pays more attention to his phone than the traffic light in front of him. This new feature may help eliminate road rage accidents, or at least reduce the possibility of being blown up by drivers waiting behind you.

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Electric It indicates that the green light feature will only work with vehicles equipped with a PC 3.0, also known as a self-driving PC. The notes add: “This chime is intended as a notification only.” “It is the driver’s responsibility to monitor his environment and make decisions accordingly.”