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Thailand is finally without a mask, without a Thailand pass and without compulsory insurance


Faced with the urgency of reviving tourism, Thailand will end measures to prevent many potential travelers from leaving the country from July 1, 2022.

On June 17, the Kovit-19 Environmental Management Center (CCSA) announced that masks would no longer be mandatory in outdoor ventilated areas in Thailand.

CCSA also announced other major changes such as cancellation Thailand Boss (Thailand Pass) and compulsory insurance as well as permission for bars to close later.

All of these changes will take effect on July 1st.

This is a huge improvement since the country reopened and the last hurdles were removed, and Thailand can once again attract tourists from all over the world.

A timely change for people who have not yet decided on a summer vacation.

Drop the masks

Thai dancers with masks. Photo:

The CCSA on Friday agreed to ease the need to wear the mask, which is completely voluntary outdoors or in less congested areas.

Dr. Thavisilp Visanuyodin said the public should decide for themselves when it is appropriate to wear a mask.

“In some areas masks can be removed.

I would like to emphasize that it depends on the will and desire of each.

Outdoor masks can be removed and athletes can remove masks during exercise. “

The CCSA recommends wearing a mask in crowded places and situations where social exclusion is not possible, for example, on public transport, concert halls with large audiences, and crowded markets.

It is mandatory to wear the mask in indoor public places, but in some cases it can be removed.

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According to the CCSA, masks can be removed at home if you are alone, eating or exercising.

Masks can also be removed in well-ventilated indoor areas that can adhere to social exclusion.

The CCSA recommends that the high-risk “608” group continue to wear masks indoors and outdoors.

Group “608” includes those who have not been vaccinated, those with basic health conditions, the elderly, and those with Govt-19 disease.

The Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-sa thanked the public for their cooperation in wearing the mask and said the move was effective in curbing the spread of Kovit-19.

The Thai Ministry of Health said it was preparing “comprehensive guidelines” for wearing a mask.

Thailand Pass and Govt-19 Insurance Results

Thailand Airport Pass

Thailand Pass Verification at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Photo: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thailand pass registration system will be discontinued from July 1, 2022.

At the point of entry into Thailand, vaccinated travelers are required to show only the certificate of vaccination and non-vaccinated travelers must submit a negative RT-PCR test result or a professional ATK test within 72 hours.

It can be a printed or digital document.

The CCSA has approved the removal of the Thai pass from July 1, 2022, and the requirement for health insurance with overseas visitors US $ 10,000 coverage.

Both of these requirements were first waived on June 1, 2022 for Thai citizens.

Random checks will be made upon arrival at international airports or at Thailand’s border checkpoints (in 22 provinces).

Passengers who have not been vaccinated or who have not been fully vaccinated, who have been randomly screened and are unable to present evidence of a negative test prior to arrival, should be subjected to a professional ATK test at the point of entry.

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Bars are allowed to stay open longer

Look at nightlife

Nightlife in Thailand. Photo: National News Bureau of Thailand

CCSA has decided to allow pubs, bars, karaoke and nightclubs to operate after their normal opening hours after midnight and to allow them to remain open until 2am, following a call from the nightclub operators.

More details await, but it seems from reports that they could be open all night (during their normal opening hours).

Nature activities resume across Thailand

Smile meeting

The CCSA approved the declaration of Bangkok and 76 other provinces as a monitoring zone or green zone, which would allow the resumption of normal operations across the country.

While maintaining safety and health measures as part of global prevention, the Royal Thai government is set to announce new guidelines as the nation enters the post-epidemic phase.

The air of independence will float in Thailand from July 1st.

Source: TigerTourism Authority of Thailand: TAT News

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